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Thank you for visiting the official website of Uftring Auto Gear! 


As an Uftring Auto Group team member, you are part of a special group of people. For 39 years, the Uftring Auto Group has been home to the most talented automotive professionals in central Illinois. Our current team is no exception. Your professionalism and commitment to customer service is why you are the best of the best.


We would like to celebrate our outstanding team by offering complimentary Uftring Auto Gear to each of you. 


Several times per year, will feature new items for you to choose from and we are excited to offer each team member one (1) FREE item per offering. 


From hoodies, fleeces and jackets to hats, travel bags, backpacks and Yeti tumblers, we hope there will be something for everyone. You can select your free item by clicking on CHOOSE YOUR FREE ITEM. 


Again, we are pleased to offer each employee one (1) free item per offering.


In addition, you are also able to purchase ADDITIONAL items by clicking on the PURCHASE GEAR tab. 


The timeframe for purchasing Uftring Gear is the same for free and paid items – 10 days. Once the store closes, you will not be able to purchase additional gear until the next offering.


You can order your Uftring Auto Gear directly from this website and it will be delivered to you at your store or Uftring location. 


Each new offering will be open to orders for a 10 day period. Deadlines will be clearly posted in announcements and on this website.


Please look for announcements of new offerings via email, bulletin board flyers, payroll stuffers and notifications from your managers.


We are proud to have you on the Uftring team and look forward to your order.

Thank you!

For questions or concerns, please call 472-7984.

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